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Advocating for the Rights of Families in Pasadena

Divorce can be an incredibly stressful and challenging experience for a person and their family. The dissolution of a person’s marriage represents a drastically different chapter in the lives of each member of a family. Given the resounding impact that a divorce can cause, it is important to retain a professional and compassionate Pasadena family law attorney to advise you throughout divorce proceedings.

At Boyamian Law, our clients benefit from our years of collective experience litigating family law matters including divorces. Our legal team is dedicated to supporting you throughout your divorce to make sure you always have a trusted advisor on your side in a battle for your family’s best interests. Whether your divorce involves high assets, intense conflict, or a relatively amicable separation that can be resolved through mediation, you can count on us to passionately advocate for a fair resolution to the issues in your case.

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Quality Counsel Through Each Step of Your Divorce

At Boyamian Law, we recognize that each of our clients has a unique story behind their case. Our legal team strives to provide you with personalized legal representation that addresses the specific needs that are unique to your situation. At Boyamian Law, we make sure that your voice is heard when it comes to determining the future prosperity of you and your family.

We can guide you through all stages of your divorce, such as:

  • Property Division. California’s system of community property can be challenging to navigate. You can rely on our experience to ensure you receive your fair share of marital assets.
  • Child Custody & Visitation. Divorces involving minor children are particularly challenging. We are dedicated to fighting for the best interests of your children.
  • Spousal Support. Life after a divorce may be financially challenging for some spouses. We are committed to fighting for your financial needs after your divorce.
  • Post-Judgment Modifications. If there has been a material change in circumstances that require changing the terms of your divorce, we can request the court to modify your obligations under a settlement or judgment.

At Boyamian Law, We Are Here for You

The effects of going through a divorce can impact not only your family but your social and work life as well. Therefore, you need a reliable Pasadena divorce attorney who can handle the legal issues for you, so you can devote your time and effort to maintaining your personal and professional relationships or finding a support system to help you get through such a difficult time. At Boyamian Law, you can count on our years of experience with divorce cases to help you preserve your legal rights, and protect the interests of your family.

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