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What Types of Employment Cases Do We Handle?

California employment law provides broad protection for employees who are treated unfairly in the workplace due to sex and gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation—among others. If you believe you have been treated unfairly in the workplace, the law protects you as an employee.

We handle employment law matters that include:

Your Advocates During the Stressful Times

Losing your job is stressful under any circumstance, but suffering from a wrongful termination can be unbearable. If a company fabricates a reason for a termination in an effort to get rid of employees, that is illegal. At Boyamian Law, we can protect your rights and help you fight back.

If you risk your career to expose company corruption or unethical conduct, you may be retaliated against. If so, you should know that California’s whistleblower laws seek to deter employers from retaliating against employees who blow the whistle, and you may be entitled to compensation. Let a Glendale employment law lawyer help!

What Are Workers' Rights?

As an employee, you are entitled to know your rights. This will obviously depend on the line of work you are in, the location of your job, as well as the size of the company.

Some of these rights might include:

  • The right to work in a safe environment
  • The right to personal privacy
  • The right to be protected from discrimination
  • The right against being discriminated for your race, gender, sxual orientation, and other statuses
  • The right to be paid minimum wage
  • The right to work without harassment
  • The right to take time off from work

If you believe you have had any of these rights violated, you can turn to us at Boyamian Law in Glendale to make sure that you continue to be protected.

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