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At Boyamian Law, we believe full-heartedly in doing everything we can to uphold our clients’ rights in complex, high-stakes employment law conflicts. Led by Attorney Michael Boyamian, we proudly represent people who have not been paid their full wages, who have been discriminated against due to a protected class, who have been harassed at work due to their private lives, and so many more. It is our mission to ensure every employee is respected and their rights are protected.

Five of the most important things you should do or know as an employee are:

  1. Research your basic rights as an employee and know them back-to-front, especially when it comes to wage and hour laws and violations.
  2. Do not be afraid to enforce your rights with the help of our California employment lawyer.
  3. Let us decide if your case is valid. Do not let your employer tell you it is invalid, as they might be trying to discourage you from taking legal action.
  4. You can demand comprehensive copies and explanations of your rights as an employee and your paystubs from your employer.
  5. If your paystubs are overly-complicated, take them to our California employment law firm for a confidential review. Complex paystubs are sometimes used to conceal wage violations in all the numbers.

Many of these aforementioned issues are common in the employment law cases we have successfully managed for clients. To get a better understanding of the scope of our abilities, we invite you to take a look at some of the recent or current employment law cases being managed by Employment Law Attorney Michael Boyamian of Boyamian Law.

Current and recent employment law cases we are pursuing include:

To retain the services of our employment lawyer in Glendale, CA contact our law firm by dialing (818) 423-4455 at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.

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